Welcome to Netherwood!

Netherwood is a family owned business offering high quality custom and stock souvenirs for the UK souvenir retail trade and distributors worldwide. Set up by father and son Graham and Charles Hughes, Netherwood is the culmination of over 50 years of experience in the souvenir and collectables industries.

Our products include resin magnets, key rings, snowglobes, eggs, ornaments, mugs, spoons, shot glasses, crystal, beersteins and more! We are also renowned for our award winning character based ranges, bringing colour, cuteness and fun to any retail store! Feel free to browse through a selection of our ranges and other products in the left hand menu.

Significant work and attention is put into the design stage ensuring our products are high quality, innovative and, most importantly, they sell! We also visit our suppliers overseas in order to maintain the same positive relationships as we have with our customers. We are able to advise them on the best working practices as well securing the best prices and new ideas.

For further information on the company or any of our products please fill in the form on the contacts page or give us a call!